Erin Flaherty is a content creator, social media manager and dabbler in graphic design. After graduating Magna Cum Laude from Luther College with a B.A. in English and a writing emphasis, she caught the travel bug and taught English to a bunch of sharp students in Changwon, South Korea. While abroad, Erin also developed an acute palette for kimchi and mastered the art of noraebang. Back in the states, Erin attended Minneapolis Community and Technical College and earned a certificate in Electronic Publishing. By pairing strong writing skills with a knack for graphic design, Erin has improved public outreach efforts for a medical device company, a national library books distributor, a government relations law firm and a technical college. Currently, she lives in Winona, Minnesota, with her husband and mischievous yet loveable Havanese puppy Dexter.

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Inspiring readers to explore career interests

May 7, 2012
PR Portfolio

Through volunteerism, students get a preview of the difference they'll make in the world.
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The interview

April 9, 2012
PR Portfolio

How do you elicit a fresh perspective from an interview subject? Keep an open mind.
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Writing for the web: Improve scanability

January 19, 2012
Communications Resources

How do readers absorb all this stuff? They don't.
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